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Curb Compulsive Eating with The Food Therapist

It’s nearly 1 AM. You should be in bed but you’ve been hit with a nasty case of the midnight munchies. You’ve tried everything but meditating cravings away doesn’t ever seem to work nearly as well as health bloggers say it does. Before you know it, you’ve inhaled a pint of ice cream and, after deciding there’s no coming back from your failure, going back…

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Expressing Feelings: Why It’s Time to Embrace Your Emotions

Expressing feelings have gotten a bad rep. Social media prides us on relentless positivity, we’re encouraged to persevere through tough situations with an unwavering smile on our face and then we’re praised for being so strong. Many of us even feel ashamed when we feel a “bad” emotion like sadness or anger, and instead, we opt to keep those feelings to ourselves while we put…

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Gabourey Sidibe’s Memoir is a Candid Lesson in Self-Confidence

Gabourey Sidibe was told by three different psychics on three different occasions that she would someday become famous. They didn’t know how, when, or why, only that she would someday be a household name, even famous enough to meet Oprah. There was something in her eyes, they said, something about the confidence with which she carried herself, that would someday make her a superstar. As…

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