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Healthy Breakfast Ideas? How About Chocolate?

Do you sometimes groan as you think about making breakfast? Are your current healthy breakfast ideas a little… uninspiring? Do you frown as your hand drowsily moves to pick up the tin of oats? Do you find yourself wishing you had something more interesting to eat for breakfast? Well, how about some chocolate? Now you’re definitely wide awake, and curious. Perhaps also a little suspicious….

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Fabulous Uncovers: Does Dark Chocolate Reduce Stress and Improve Memory?

Put down that candy bar! Nah, just kidding. Or are we? The information and misinformation surrounding the possible health benefits of dark chocolate are staggering. Some people say dark chocolate–chocolate containing at least 70% cocoa–can reduce stress, improve memory, and even help lower blood pressure. Other sources say dark chocolate, like any other chocolate, is still candy and is best avoided. But what’s true? Can…

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