March 22nd, 2019

How Do I Focus Better When Meditating?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We asked Fabulous users how they improve their focus while meditating.

Meditating might look easy, but it can be easy to get distracted by our phones, our families, or even our own thoughts. We asked Fabulous users what they do to focus better while they meditate.

1. “Keep bringing yourself back to your breath.”

2. “If you are a beginner, sit in a silent room. Don’t try to make it hard on yourself.”

3. “Set a timer first just for 3 minutes, then extend by 7 minutes. Go slowly at first.”

4. “The goal is to push yourself but not to the point where you start hating meditation.”

5. “Don’t judge yourself once you drift off, noticing is good enough. Then you may think ‘I can come back to that thought later, now it’s just “me” time..’ Don’t try to avoid the upcoming thoughts. Just notice they are there, and they will go away.”

6. “Concentrate on your in-breath and out-breath. If you notice that your mind is off somewhere else, which it will do many times, just label those wandering thoughts as “thinking” and try to come back to your breath. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Try to accept the mind’s wanderings as important opprortunities to practice coming back to your breath.”

7. “Find a comfortable position that works for you and focus on your breath. If you lose focus be kind to yourself and gently return your mind back to your breath.”

8. “I used to really worry about the fact that I found it hard to focus when meditating. My mind wanders very easily and I used to get discouraged about this a lot. I still get discouraged at times, but the more I listen to guided meditations, and the more I read about meditation, the more I’ve learned to accept that difficulty in focusing or a wandering mind are not actually problems when it comes to mindfulness meditation. The important thing is to notice and accept these moments. And then gently return to your breathing. And if you’re listening to a guided meditation, return to whatever the instructions are at that moment. Hope this helps!”