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4 Employee Wellness Programs Inspired By Fabulous

According to the World Health Organization, depression and anxiety cost the global economy as much as $1 trillion in lost productivity. And that’s just an estimate; it’s difficult to calculate the exact devastation poor workplace health can have. But the corporate world is taking notice and, as a result, employee wellness programs are on the rise. Stress management seems to be the current “trendy” wellness…

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How To Easily Conquer High Turnover Costs

Pop quiz! What do you think the average employee turnover rate is in the United States right now? Turnover is the highest it’s ever been right now at 30 percent, and it’s expected to keep rising. Workers were once cherished and treated as vital members of a company. Now, however, they’re seen as expendable and only as valuable as their ability to generate revenue. This…

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Do Workplace Wellness Programs Actually Work?

Here at Fabulous, we recognize the value of workplace wellness, and we’re not alone. According to NPR, workplace wellness programs are currently an $8 billion industry in the United States alone. Corporate wellness is a booming market and companies all over the world are courting with the idea of bringing programs to their own companies in an effort to cut health care costs. But do…

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