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How to Focus and Accomplish Your Goals When Life Keeps Demanding More

Life is a jumbled mess, just by nature. Take a moment to think of all of your obligations. You might have a family to feed, school work to study, a career that demands more and more of your time, friends who are asking you to go out with them, a partner who wants to spend time with you, parents who ask why you don’t visit…

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How Tim Ferriss Works Four Hours a Week While Living His Dream Life

We spend our whole lives preparing for a time where we can finally “do the things we want to do,” as if those opportunities weren’t already available to us. It’s this philosophy that Tim Ferriss challenges in The 4 Hour Work Week. Ferriss defies traditional work customs in favor of a simpler, happier lifestyle that gives us the chance to live now, not when we’re…

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Kerry Patterson on Tackling Crucial Conversations

Crucial conversations happen when the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. These conversations can happen anywhere from the boardroom to the bedroom and can happen between any two people. Crucial conversations are sensitive for everyone involved, and people usually respond to them in one of three ways: We avoid the problem Face it head-on but handle it poorly Face it head-on and…

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