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Becoming Better Than Before with Gretchen Rubin’s Habit-Forming Techniques

Take a minute to think about what you did to get ready this morning. Maybe you jumped right out of bed, brushed your teeth, and had a healthy breakfast. Maybe you hit the snooze button once or twice. Whatever your morning routine looks like, ask yourself this: How much of it did you consciously think about while you were doing it? Chances are, you didn’t…

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Knowing This Will Help You Set Goals You’ll Actually Accomplish

In 2015, Gretchen Rubin, lawyer-turned-researcher, published a book called Better Than Before. In it, she outlined four personality types that arise when asked the question, “How do I react to expectations?” These four types, or tendencies as she called them, would become so popular that Rubin would expand upon them in another book two years later, The Four Tendencies. According to Rubin, we all face…

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