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Cultivate Joy on Demand with a Simple Daily Meditation Practice

Take a slow, deep breath in. Try to count to seven as you inhale, deliberately going as slowly as you can. When you’re at capacity, hold for just a moment, then exhale slowly, this time counting to eleven, until your lungs are empty. All done? Congratulations! You now have all the tools you need for happiness. Just one breath Chade-Meng Tan describes himself as a…

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Take Back Joy from the Five Thieves of Happiness

John Izzo learned two things during his ten-month sabbatical. The first thing he learned was that happiness does not exist outside of the self. Happiness is not a goal to achieve but a state of being, and one he believes to be the natural state of people. His second discovery was that happiness is more complicated than a choice. Certain negative mindsets get in the…

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