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How Investing in Employees’ Health and Well-Being Is Great for Business

Right now, we’re all thinking about what we can do to keep our health and well-being in peak condition. The wellness of your employees may not have always been at the forefront of your mind—it’s okay! We’re not judging—but you may find yourself wondering now what you can do to keep your company’s most valuable assets healthy and safe.   Up to this point, your…

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The Surprising Hidden Costs of Employees Calling in Sick to Work

Sick leave is getting a lot of attention in the media right now. It’s a vital workplace service that keeps businesses running smoothly and safely, especially during times like these. Gone are the tropes of lazy employees calling in sick to work for a few extra hours of shuteye; now, sick days are serious business.   They’re also expensive. According to the American Institute of…

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