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Is the 10,000 Hour Rule Wrong?

When famous stand-up comedians step onstage, they’re met with a wave of claps and cheers from the audience. This round of applause is the crowd’s way of pumping them with confidence. It’s almost like they’re saying, “I believe in you. I know you’re going to make me laugh tonight.” On the other hand, amateurs sometimes get a quieter greeting. They don’t want to bomb, and…

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Me, a Backpack, and a Destination

The chilly morning air burns my face when a sharp and powerful gust sends my hair flying in all directions. I don’t mind it; the weather is cold now but won’t be for long and by the time midday hits I’ll be wishing for the chill. I didn’t feel prepared for this trip, but no one is really prepared for a life-changing journey. Life-changing journeys…

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