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4 Coping Skills We Learned from Tiffany Haddish in The Last Black Unicorn

In stand-up comedian Tiffany Haddish’s memoir, The Last Black Unicorn, she documents a grueling and turbulent life. From being bullied by her peers to being abused by her now ex-husband, Haddish has struggled from the very beginning. But it’s hard to believe that when you see her upbeat demeanor for yourself. The more you read of Haddish’s difficult life, the harder it is to believe…

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Change Your World with Liminal Thinking by Dave Gray

Do you believe in the power of thought? It’s easy for someone who is positive to say that negative thinking makes a negative situation. It’s easy for someone who is already above water to teach others how to swim. The second you believe you can’t accomplish something, then it comes to fruition. But the second you have faith in your abilities, you begin to win…

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