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The 10 Best Ways to Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the toughest habits to kick. Many are so daunted by the challenge that they don’t even bother trying. So if you’ve decided to quit smoking, congratulations! You’ve taken the difficult first step. Now the question is: how exactly are you going to beat your nicotine addiction? It’s true that everyone has their own path to take when it comes to giving…

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Learn to Manage Your Addiction with a New Journey

Close your eyes and picture somebody who is struggling with addiction. What image comes to mind? Probably something that you saw on T.V. right? Maybe a shabby, unhealthy person begging for drugs? And what feelings accompany such imagery? Compassion and empathy? Or judgement and disgust? Unfortunately, over the years, we’ve been conditioned by society to look down upon the concept of addiction. However, addiction is…

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