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6 Questions to Ask When Vetting Wellness Programs

So, you’ve decided to implement a new wellness program within your company. Congratulations! Now more than ever, prioritizing employee health can be the most beneficial thing your business can do for itself. Healthier employees report greater job satisfaction, take fewer sick days, and are more productive, all boons for your business. But you may find yourself wondering: what makes a wellness program worth the investment?…

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An Open Letter to Every Business Frustrated by Low Productivity and Unhappy Employees

You know that your company is only as good as its workforce. Your employees are the foundation; their hard work keeps the whole business afloat. But unsatisfied or unhappy employees can come with a whole host of problems.   Because you know this, you hire as carefully as you can. You train each new hire thoroughly and go to great lengths to ensure everyone has…

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Chasing the Dream: 40% of Happiness is a Choice

When Monday morning rolls around, do you jump out of bed inspired and motivated for the day ahead? If you love your job, you’re in the minority.  Unfortunately, job dissatisfaction is common. Most people are not making a living at their dream job and this can cause them to feel resentment and even depression. On an average day, you spend more time at the office…

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