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4 Ways Employee Benefits Can Support Building A Strong Work Culture

The conversation about employee benefits has been shifting over the past few years. Benefits used to be standard and simple—health insurance and paid vacations—but benefits are now considered an expression of a company’s culture and values. HR and business leaders have an obligation to their employees and their companies to develop benefits packages that support their employees while also reflecting their goals and values. Here…

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Creating a Culture that Supports Mental Health in the Workplace

According to Mental Health America’s 2021 Mind the Workplace report, a frightening majority of workers are suffering the effects of workplace stress with little or no support. In fact, 9 in 10 people reported that their workplace stress affects their mental health. 65 percent of those surveyed say their work environment makes it difficult to concentrate. And only five percent of employees believe their work…

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One of the Most-Forgotten Employee Benefits Could Be the Most Important

When you think of employee benefits, what comes to mind? Health insurance? A 401k? Paid family leave, perhaps? Or the option to work remotely? There are a lot of different perks a company can offer employees that will increase morale and productivity. But one subset of these benefits is often overlooked: Workplace wellness programs. But how could wellness programs possibly be more useful or appealing…

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