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Why Empathy and Trust Are Key Skills for Modern Leaders

The corporate landscape is shifting its focus from profits to people. Modern leaders are recognizing that, in taking care of their workers, they secure the success of their business. People perform better when they’re well-rested, healthy, happy, and safe. But how can an employer develop the kind of work environment that helps people feel their best? What can a leader do to facilitate that kind…

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How to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence with Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves

You’ve probably heard of an IQ, before. You may have even taken a test to determine your own IQ. We’re often told that our IQ, or intelligence quotient, is a predictor of our future health and success. But what if it wasn’t? In fact, it may actually be our EQ—emotional intelligence quotient—that better judges our capacity for success and good health. Not to be confused…

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Finding a Balance Between Give and Take

Turns out, there aren’t two kinds of people, but three: Givers, people who help others with no expectation of receiving something in return; takers, who focus exclusively on their own interests and desires; and matchers, or people who believe that giving and taking should come in equal amounts. Adam Grant discovered through years of research that the least productive and successful people were typically givers….

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