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Acceptance, Persistence, and Laughter: Kevin Hart’s Life Lessons

When you open Kevin Hart’s new book I Can’t Make This Up, the first thing readers might notice is that the introduction is labeled “Mandatory.” The message is repeated in the first two sentences: “This introduction is mandatory. That means you have to read it.” In this mandatory introduction, Hart introduces three words to readers that he explains are important for understanding the lessons he…

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Dream Big and Dream Often: The Last Lecture with Randy Pausch

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up? Was it an astronaut, soaring through outer space and discovering new worlds? Was it a doctor, healing others and sharing knowledge? Or was it a singer, spreading happiness with your voice? As you’ve gotten older, have you shelved that dream? Usually, as we go through life, we gain experiences, meet people,…

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