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Will Smith Explains the Difference Between Fault and Responsibility

Actor Will Smith has been charming us on both the big and small screen for decades, but recently he took to the smallest screen of all—our phones—to drop some thoughtful wisdom on Instagram. Reflecting on a debate he had with a friend, Smith discusses the differences between fault and responsibility, stating that the two are not only extremely different, they’re not even remotely related! What…

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The Secret to Happiness? According to Mark Manson, It’s Not Giving a F*ck

What is the secret to happiness? Wouldn’t it be nice to just stop caring about things? To let go of all the petty annoyances that take up your time, energy, and money—jerks in traffic, going-away parties for colleagues you don’t even like, or your Facebook account—and only focus on the things that truly matter to you? Not only does blogger Mark Manson think this is…

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