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Our product, Fabulous, is a mobile app helping thousands of people every day to change their lifestyles by integrating healthy habits into their lives. Fabulous is using a behavioral economics lens to help everyone achieve their fullest potential.

We work closely with researchers based at Duke University and our advisor is Dan Ariely, author of New York Times bestseller Predictability Irrational.

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Our Awards:

  • Apple Best Apps of 2018
  • Editor’s app choice in more than 30 countries.
  • Winner of Google’s Material Design Award
  • Best App Finalist in Google Play Awards
  • Ranked 5th Health & Fitness app

Watch our CEO’s presentation below on how we’re using behavioral economics to create better products:

At Fabulous, our Growth team packs a one-two punch. Our team is made up of behavioural scientists and growth product managers. We’re unique in the tech/health & wellness world, applying behavioural insights to help better our product, inform our experimentation, and optimise our growth work. 

We’re looking for someone who is highly analytical and creative to join our team.

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Ideate, design, create, execute and analyse your own experiments (you will be running multiple experiments at any given time, and planning your projects. You are the CEO of your metrics, owning the entire experimentation process and driving/developing product improvements)
  • Delving into the data to learn about our users and developing experiments based on these findings
  • Performing behavioural analysis of the app flow and of our user segments to identify possible behavioural barriers and developing experiments based on these findings
  • Design rigorous AB tests to identify causal effects of experiment changes.
  • Work closely with the development team to use in-house tools for experimentation, driving improvements to product and tools as the need arises.
  • Work closely with other teams – design, product, content- to create experiment inputs and drive product improvements/new features.
  • Ensure experiments go through peer review process, assisting other team members in peer review, and only releasing high quality experiments
  • Ensure you launch experiments correctly:  know when to stop experiments, understand possible conflicts, etc
  • Analyse your experiments, understanding whether your changes improved, deteriorated or had no effect.
  • Make recommendations based on your analysis that will change the product 
  • Whether your experiment was a winner or a learner, you distill the important learnings to the rest of the Growth team, and to other stakeholders
  • You drive product improvements based on your experiment findings and product intuition

What We’re Looking For:

  • Has a background in behavioural science. Past work experience and/or a masters degree in behavioural science.
  • Is very confident in JSON or JAVA, or someone who demonstrates a quick ability to learn or translate similar skills (STATA, Python, R, even HTML, CSS and SQL).
  • Is completely fluent in basic statistics. Background/experience in econometrics or data analysis is a big bonus.
  • Has designed and run AB or RCT trials before. They understand the nuances of good experimental design.

What Would Be Fabulous:

  • Ex Netflix, Spotify or other subscription companies
  • Extensive knowledge of monetisation, acquisition, and web

If you’d like to join a startup with a great product, and more importantly, great potential: drop us a line at [email protected]

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Location: Paris, New York, San Francisco or Remote.