Content :: Editor

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Job Description | About the Role

An editor at Fabulous loves creative writing as much as they love the science of behavior change. They could teach you the arc of the quest narrative so well, you could explain it to (and inspire) the next person. They know how to point out missed opportunities and how to bring vibrancy to any paragraph. They can spot empty talk and are great at giving feedback that helps. They are active listeners. They, themselves, are fantastic with people, always patient and encouraging yet inspire excellence, craftsmanship and speed.

Expectations | Duties

  • Screen Fabulous content for a consistent voice that is science-based, reliable, uplifting, coaching, and inspires self-compassion, benevolence, and kindness.
  • Proofread all content for grammar, punctuation, and stylistic inconsistencies
  • Suggest edits that eliminates ‘empty talk’; points out where text can be more concise; indicates when examples are bland or missing; identifies where vibrant metaphors can be used as as teaching tools

Qualifications | Requirements

  • Background in Psychology, Counseling, Humanities, English, Journalism
  • Mastery of grammar and sentence construction
  • Willingness to become expert users of online collaboration tools like Trello, AirTable, Notion, Confluence, Slack
  • Self-starter who can juggle multiple projects
  • Hungry for feedback and constant improvement
  • Beneficial: training in counseling psychology, coaching, behavioral change
  • Beneficial: experience in story editing at the visual level (eg storyboards for animation)
  • Beneficial: pedagogical experience w/ takeaways about how to help people learn